"Don’t say “People are bad”, say “We are bad”.
Don’t flatter yourself, you’re the one of us too."

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"TALKING HEADS" (GADAJACE GLOWY): a short documentary, directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski in 1980, turns a simple idea into a masterpiece: ordinary people of different age and background in Poland were asked 3 simple questions. Their spontaneous responses reveal the way they see life…

Part 1: “WHO ARE YOU?”: A difficult question with a simple answer…

UPDATED: Click here for part 2 and the full 15.min. video.

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Jimi Hendrix, by Andrew Maclear

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Anatomy of a Relationship (Luc Moullet, 1976) in stills #10

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"With my head between your legs, You’ll be reciting the poems I never finished because they were on the tip of my tongue"

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